Michael Andrew (06.03.10, 10:10 AM): We did it at all the workshops, when we went out and shot- part of it has to do with the "list of 10", and another part has to do with the place you are shooting, general & specific guidelines for a shooting strategy.

Bill (06.03.10, 9:34 AM): I don't recall hearing anything about this at our workshop as well. I would definitely like to know what your approach is

Boz (06.03.10, 7:59 AM): Interested to hear more about this, don't recall anything about this during our workshop, but, could be you just hadn't named it or something at the time.

Alstare Photography (06.02.10, 11:42 PM): Was definitely one of the biggest game changers I got from the Workshop. Has completely changed the way I think & deal with locations. I used to beat my head against a wall trying to find/come up with "cool and interesting" locations before I learned the "JUDO"...lol