ash (08.09.07, 9:18 AM): My thoughts exactly Thad, too funny

Thad (08.03.07, 1:50 PM): My suggestion for calming down your body and sleeping better is to get a rub down from a beautiful woman. Just let her rub those legs, calves, and feet. It always works for me....

michael Andrew (07.31.07, 12:58 PM): Thanks for the input....I just read this entry and laughed at all the spelling and gramatical errors. I know I do it a lot, but not like that- Ill avoid making entries after taking an ambien. Clint thats a good idea- Ill have to figure out how to put tags in pics....never done that.

Eva Gabrielle (07.31.07, 10:42 AM): Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have a CD for better sleep. It is extremly relaxing. Or any CD with the purpose of helping people sleep. I have probelems sleeping too, and this kind of music has helped me tremendously.

Clint (07.31.07, 6:39 AM): As for the search-ability of your site. Adding ALT tag descriptors to your images will help. Search engines recognize those. Meta tags with keywords will also bump up your listing a bit...if that is what you are going for.