MIchael Andrew (06.30.11, 3:43 AM): You are sorely mistaken Anon. I can tell from your uneducated post that you know nothing about me, the production of videos or how much I make (It isnt much). In any event, best wishes and good luck.

Anon (06.01.11, 10:23 AM): Your stance on anti piracy made me look else where, I am sure you put lots of hard work and effort into your instructional videos, and I believe that you consequently live a relatively "well off" lifestyle financially as a result, despite ridiculous acclaimed percentages of piracy incidents. Under my opinion this portrays greed.

Matt Wilson (06.20.10, 7:12 PM): It irritates me to no end that people steal your product. I'm so grateful for the Speedlite and 50D courses, and they are well worth the small investment. You've spend zillions of hours developing them, and you deserve the financial support. Thanks for such a great product!

Kelly (05.05.10, 8:15 PM): Don't the pirates have to be in the US to prosecute them?

Amanda G (04.27.10, 8:15 PM): So far it's great Michael. I'm just a very impatient person and I know this is something that I am going to have to work at and it's getting frustrating lol. But I am determined to stay on one lesson at a time until I feel that I have a pretty good grasp of it. I'm hoping to be able to get lollipops and paintballer pretty soon though whether I am ready to use them or not... Just gotta have it.

Michael Andrew (04.27.10, 1:10 PM): Awesome to hear Amanda! I think that the PS Crash Course is my best work. Please let me know how you like it!

Amanda G (04.27.10, 1:12 AM): I finally got CS4 today. I will be buying lollipops and paintballer pro real soon. I bought the PS crashcourse back in February I think, because I knew I would be getting PS soon. Can't wait to finally get to watch the vid as the other 2 vids I bought at the same time have been very helpful, and I know I wont be disappointed.

Boz (04.21.10, 2:19 PM): You do an incredible job with your training videos Michel - Loyally building my crash course collection :)

Adrian (04.21.10, 1:28 PM): I have bought the 40D Crash course, photography crash course, photoshop crashcourse, & lollipops. Thanks for taking the time and dealing with the headaches to make these. They are worth every penny.

Michael Andrew (04.21.10, 11:42 AM): Ive been really lucky to have enough loyal supporters out there to let me do this, if it wasnt for you guys I would have quit a long time ago. It just wouldnt be possible without you!

Amanda G (04.20.10, 11:29 PM): I hate to hear that you may stop making your videos. I bought the Canon Rebel Xsi crash course, Photoshop crash course and the Digital photography Crash course a couple of months ago and there are several other products I am wanting when I have the money for it. I never would have thought about downloading it because I like having the original work in my hand. I really hate to hear that it's getting that bad. I hope you are able to keep up your amazing work.

David (04.20.10, 10:54 PM): I am new to your world of education and insights. I just purchased The pre order of your Canon Rebel T2I Crash Course and Digital Photography Crash Course DVD's today. I am also an educator for the Hair Salon I own and know the hours it takes to put one of my classes together Let alone the DVD's you have created. I am in Awe of your passion and knowledge and it would be a sad day for all of us if you were forced to quit because of theft. Try not to lose heart and know this.... If i should ever come across some one who has your work with out paying for it I WILL turn them in to you for free,

Pete (04.20.10, 10:46 PM): April, No matter what type of protection is placed on a DVD there are always ways to get around it. These extra steps only slow a "pirateer" down. One of the best ways is to watermark the video, but that is extremely annoy and distracting to the individuals that purchase a dvd.

Derrick (04.20.10, 9:01 PM): Just curious how many folks that visit this blog have actually purchased a product of your? I have purchased a few: Canon 40D Crash Course, Canon 7D Crash Course, Photoshop Crash Course, Canon Speedlite Crash Course and Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro. I have learned a lot from them and you have also inspired me. We need more people to support your efforts which IMHO is still a steal. - Derrick

April (04.20.10, 7:37 PM): That is really sad. I wish people would be more honest. :( Good luck finding them out. I know absolutely nothing about DVD production or the costs involved, but can't there be coding put on the DVD to prevent people copying or uploading the videos? Just a thought.

Elizabeth (04.20.10, 2:17 PM): This is one of my pet peeves, being a musician. It was required of me to learn copyright laws for my undergraduate, but even before then I had a strong sense of moral responsibility...Napster made me sick to my stomach. I ALWAYS buy everything that I own. The tremendous effort that goes into making an album, a movie, an education DVD like what you do...that is their livelihood. I am so sorry to hear that people are stealing your work to such extremes, let alone at all.