Michael Andrew (04.17.10, 9:58 AM): There are a few problems with the laser, the first is, you do not know if it will always work like iron sights- if you constantly train with a laser, and then get into a fight, and pull it out and it isn't working / not turned on you are screwed. This is one of the reasons the training is so huge, it focuses on getting you to learn muscle memory, mindset, and reflex instead of teaching you to rely on gun add ons. There is a tendency for shooters to think they will be safe because of "gear" and this is a mistake. Its all about training and mindset. Out of the 40 hours of classes and 19 shooters I met, not a single person had or used a laser sight, it was all about fundamentals and learning to depend on the lowest base equipment- the gun and iron sights (I will say the rental guns used something called an XS Big Dot Sight which I really liked, still an iron sight though). Even if a laser WAS working in a real life situation, I do not think it would make much of a difference because of the recognition, assessment and decision to fire are not anticipated as they were in the drill.

Kelly (04.17.10, 1:50 AM): I am sure they probably would frown on using a laser like Crimson Trace... but do you think the 21' test would have been any better using a gun mounted laser?

Michael Andrew (04.16.10, 9:01 PM): Thanks for the comments- I am convinced that 21 feet isnt enough simply for the reason that during the drill itself, I was expecting the runner to go- I wasnt adding the recognition, processing and decision making time to draw and fire. What this means to me is that the safety line to do all these things and still get an aimed shot off is probably greater than 35 or 40 feet. I know it sounds crazy and I wouldnt have believed it myself if I didnt see it first hand.

Charlie (04.16.10, 6:25 PM): Michael-first post on your blog, love it. Im a LEO in the Northeast and the 21 foot rule is one of the most important things you learn in training. Actually im pretty sure its been proven that even 21 feet is usually not enough for someone with any kind of weapon. By the time you're drawing and putting the front site on the subject, they're already on you. I am nowhere near an expert on shooting, but always remember this: Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast. Throwing rounds down range doesn't mean anything if they aren't on target. Glad you're enjoying the course, and keep teaching me how to take better photos!

April (04.16.10, 12:35 PM): I actually find it comforting to know if someone is threatening me, I have at least 21 feet to a) hide or b) run at them before they can get to and fire their weapon. :)

Toby Roybal (04.16.10, 11:09 AM): Great Stuff Michael, I did some training several years ago and went through the same stuff you are doing concerning the 21ft rule. Thats why when you watch "Cops" on TV, they stand back and even back peddle a little when subjects start walking to them. Because they can catch up to ya!

Boz (04.16.10, 9:12 AM): How long is your program for Michael? This is surprising about the 21' exercise !