christine (04.08.10, 11:21 AM): Those are sweet. How did you get everyone on the roof? Poor Dad... all those girls. Oh what life is going to be like in about 8 years.

Michael Andrew (04.08.10, 9:49 AM): Yes, Paintballer Pro- I think the first and last one are A1, and the second is Maverick. Lollipops were used on the trees in the third as well. (Other Side of the Fence)

Michael Sherman (04.08.10, 8:19 AM): Saw these on Facebook and love them. Is this one of your Paintballer PRO presets? I have them and I can't figure out which it would be. Or, are you starting with a preset then making adjustments? Love the colors. I've got to learn how to do this.

Kelly (04.08.10, 12:52 AM): 5 lovely ladies!