Brian (04.02.10, 5:42 PM): What brand polarizer do you use Michael?

Michael Andrew (04.01.10, 11:14 PM): All of you are correct! I use polarizers almost exclusively for landscape work involving water, but they also help with contrast (look at the shadows). The properties of light act a little unusual when they bounce off smooth flat surfaces, like water - There will be a lesson explaining this on the lighting DVD.

chaos2k (04.01.10, 10:16 PM): I just got B+W cir pol and its great. cuts reflections in water and glass. great for popping a blue sky

Dan (04.01.10, 9:56 PM): Ditto with the polarizer being on the right. I would say you use it when you want to capture more colour detail (or even detail in general).

James (04.01.10, 8:04 PM): The polarizer is on the right image. It works like a pair of sunglasses - it cuts down on the sun glare - really good for shooting through car windows too.