Pete (04.01.10, 6:25 AM): I washed my ipod once. After I found out about it I placed it on a heating grate for a week. Works like a charm. I use it to this day.

Kelly (04.01.10, 2:49 AM): Bucket, Panty Hose, Rice! My first Commercial Shoot was a Michigan Condo complex and the male model asked if my camera was on… and then ran for the pool we were about to shoot and canon-balled DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA (which had been set-up on tripod for 20 minutes at this point). Believe it or not the only place water got in was a drop or two in the joystick on the back of the 50D!! (Of course I didn't own a back up camera at the time, was in another state, on a weekend, and no camera to work with!) Put the camera in the leg of the panty hose, tied it off, and buried it a bucket with white rice. 4 days later it came back on, and has worked ever since…

Alstare Photoragphy (03.31.10, 8:17 PM): Thats 2 for the rice.. I have saved many a wet mistake by using Michael's method, then putting the device completely submerged in a bowl of dry fresh rice for a few days to help extract the moisture. Works well!

christine (03.31.10, 8:03 PM): A bag of rice Put it on a warm stove quick put white out on the little tab that turns pink from water damage and trade it in? If you have an insurance plan, call it in lost or stolen but NOT wet.