mbonin83 (03.28.10, 5:59 PM): the content aware fill is worth the price of photoshop itself....that was amazing

Alex Rubio (03.28.10, 4:59 PM): WoW!!! Is this verion going to breal the 1k mark?

Kelly (03.27.10, 1:08 AM): Is it to early to say, "I am in Love!"?

Brian (03.26.10, 11:06 AM): "let it chew on it" :)

Kathy (03.25.10, 8:10 PM): just when I thought I was done wanting... ;)

Kathy (03.25.10, 8:09 PM): Wow!!! That is incredible!!!!

chaos2k (03.25.10, 4:33 PM): that panorama fix is crazy

Adam Pendleton (03.25.10, 4:30 PM): Just plain sick.

kim (03.25.10, 12:10 PM): wow that's great!