Michael Andrew (03.25.10, 10:03 PM): Good question Andy- Yes, the 5Dii will be able to bump up the ISO if you wanted to compensate with a smaller aperture. Larger sensor sizes, while they are more accurate in sampling colors and absorb more total light, the relative light per surface area is the same, and therefore doesnt increase sensitivity on size alone.

Andy Lewis (03.24.10, 10:20 PM): If your 5d2 allows better iso performance, wouldn't the ability to shoot at smaller apertures, f8,f11 give you better dof? doesnt the larger sensor also allow better light

Derrick (03.24.10, 3:08 PM): Michael, I feel like I am learning to shoot video like I did when taking stills in manual mode. I used my 7D last night and shot some video in manual focus mode (AF off) to get the right sharpness. I forgot to put it back into AF mode for stills and realized this later on in the evening. Wasn't a paid event but I used it as a learning experience and i did learned a lot.....

Alstare Photography (03.24.10, 3:06 PM): Great info...! Thanks as always.