Alex (03.18.10, 11:07 AM): Sorry to go off-topic, but your entry today made me think of this:

Bill (03.18.10, 5:36 AM): I've always heard that a 50mm lens (on a full frame camera body) is what the eye sees.

Boomstrike (03.18.10, 12:03 AM): 22 MM !!

Kyle (03.17.10, 10:49 PM): My guess is 17mm.

Luis (03.17.10, 10:31 PM): I think it is 50mm lens with a full size frame camera. Am I right????

James McQuiggan (03.17.10, 7:06 PM): I got to use my first 17-24mm lens last week and with it seemed close to what I saw with my naked eye. I would have to say 15 to 17mm?

Robert (03.17.10, 6:14 PM): Id say 35mm?

Iwander (03.17.10, 2:46 PM): Think how wide the field of view is, I would guess 2 to 5mm... I will have some vignetting and barrel distortion after some Guiness tonight.. Happy St Pattys day all!