Ruud. (02.23.14, 4:55 PM): I watch them every week, they show up, that you never must play with the Dog. In what kind of sercumstances you are don't touch the Dog. You will be sorry if you want to play or hunt for the Dog

christine (03.19.10, 3:35 PM): Not to continue this discussion much longer but I completely lost respect for this man yesterday. He was interviewed on a local morning talk radio show here. What a PIG! He basically stated that he has cheated on his wife, she has forgave him for the ones she 'knows' about, but there have been a few recent 'encounters' that she doesn't know about and wouldn't because she is NOT listening to the radio show. It's up to the woman to stay by her man because if she's away too long or they are apart for too long then obviously he will have to give into temptation so it's up to the woman to keep her man from cheating. REALLY? It's either he's a complete pig or the two of them have one great marketing strategy which makes me wonder how much of that show is REAL and unscripted. Maybe they just have really good writers and 'scenes' that make him look good. Complete loss of respect for him.

Kevin McEvoy (03.19.10, 6:06 AM): Couldn't agree more, whilst I initially watched just for the ''Macabre' entertainment value, 1, I was amazed at how clever he was in dominating to take down, apprehension of suspects as it is a very dangerous thing to do, 2, My take is that he also knows that some of these guys are genuinely dangerous, so their last thoughts of him are fun, positive emotional, he doesn't want thse people carrying a grudge, very very clever.

Shannon Morgan (03.17.10, 5:28 PM): great observation, that is so totally true :)! never thought of it that way. i went to school with one of his daughters in alaska!

Maxence Guillaume (03.17.10, 9:35 AM): I love that guy and his family, they are so fun and entertaining! They also do a great work and well paid but very dangerous too.

Adam Pendleton (03.16.10, 3:44 PM): love that guy. thanks for the thoughts, he really is great.

Christine (03.16.10, 3:27 PM): This is one of those shows I watch on occasion when I'm just vegging out (not often) and just last week, my son who is taking sociology and I were sitting there trying to figure out how this guy pulls off his awesome people skills. We did not figure out his methods but were making the exact same observations. He is extremely effective at what he does. I was amazed at how he could get a mom to turn in her son ... One of the latest ones I saw He and his team were called in by another bailbonds man that they had a long history of not liking each other but his team stepped up and helped this guy out because it was the RIGHT thing to do.