christine (03.16.10, 3:22 PM): It must be fun opening your email every day. You never know what you will get. One day hate mail, one day love mail. Oh what fun to be you.! :)

Alex Rubio (03.15.10, 7:20 PM): Thank You Alexandra!, that is REALLY good to know, you can never be too careful... Thanks again!

Alexandra (03.15.10, 5:23 PM): I watched the speedlite video over the weekend too and absolutely feel more confident with using them! On a different note I wanted to share some invaluable info I recently learned. I had a shoot at the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday came home popped my CF card into the computer and the computer said there was an error in reading my CF card. I put the card back into my camera and ALL my images were gone. In a panick I did a quick internet search and found a a company that saved my butt! It worked! It recovered all my images from my CF card! It cost $39.95 plus an extra $15 if you wanted them to send you a cd of the software (which I got). I posted this on my FB page and it had recently happened to 2 other photographers and they were also able to recover their images. Michael taught me share what you know. I thought I would share this with all of his readers as it saved me, maybe it could save you one day. Hopefully it doesn't but just in case it does :o)