Sandy (03.16.10, 12:35 AM): Thank you for this suggestion Michael- We are hooked!

tammy tin (03.15.10, 8:34 PM): how cool Never knew there was such a thing... I will have to explore.

Melody (03.14.10, 12:34 PM): Geo Caching is truly an addictive past time. Who doesn't want to feel like a kid again and discover something new. Great family fun! Maven Caches would be awesome. I may be on a road trip to Minnesota this summer, so leave a few between here and there :)

James McQuiggan (03.14.10, 6:37 AM): Geocaching is a lot of fun and rewarding with a sense of "I Found It!"

hawaii rocher (03.13.10, 11:48 PM): haha YESS PHOTOGRAPHY DVD CACHES!! WOOT WOOT

Boz (03.13.10, 11:14 PM): Wow - now that I know what I'm looking for and most of the snow is melted, I may try to find one tomorrow!

Kelly (03.13.10, 8:54 PM): Maven Caches = SO COOL!