Michael Andrew (03.07.10, 12:46 AM): Anyone who submits an App has to pay $100 per year to Apple. Another expense. Unless you are a programmer, its just going to be easier to hire someone to do it for you. Adobe has hinted that the next version of Flash will be able to "give birth" to iPhone Apps.

Rob (03.06.10, 11:48 PM): So it is far more lucrative to develop the apps... I looked into the development of apps a few weeks ago only to find that you can only use the SDK for development if you have a Mac. Then there is the fee's from apple to be allowed to sell the apps at the app store. Did you have a fee for this M or is it just for the developer? Cher is interested in creating apps, you feel its worth the time and investment?

Michael Andrew (03.05.10, 11:44 PM): I really appreciate your support Scott- I know you did a lot to help market it and it means a lot to me.

Scott Roeben (03.05.10, 1:28 PM): Very interesting insights, Michael! I was wondering about a lot of this, so thank you. I suspect you're going to have hot streaks and cold streaks with your app. One could literally spend all day, every day, marketing something like this. You'll get hits in photography mags and blogs, and when those mentions happen, you'll get a big spike in sales. I think there's a certain momentum to word-of-mouth, too. The good news is that you have a lot of advocates, so we're out there spreading the word, too. It' a great product that, as you say, fills a need, so it's going to have a longterm horizon for success. Congrats, again.

Dad (03.05.10, 12:30 AM): Very interesting review of the process. Thanks!

Lauri (03.04.10, 10:39 PM): I have seen the reviews and watched it on a phone, however I have a Tmobile G1 and it doesn't work for it. :(