Michael Andrew (03.02.10, 12:50 AM): we definitely appreciate everyones support! More to come!

Kathy (02.27.10, 8:34 AM): The ONLY place I've seen where you can KNOW for certain your donation went where you intended it to go, met a tremendous need, and made a difference!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to help!

Rick Davis (02.26.10, 4:26 PM): It was a simple and effective idea Michael and it worked very well.

kim (02.26.10, 3:08 PM): fyi-donated 3 filters

Shannon Morgan (02.25.10, 10:46 PM): That is so awesome M & M :)!! I have decided to donate a filter on behalf of each of my clients that book a session with me this year!! It is amazing to see that they are helping so many people!

Brian (02.25.10, 9:44 PM): Amazing! It is crazy to see the pictures and know that your money went to help people who really need it. So awesome.

Alex Rubio (02.25.10, 5:21 PM): Fantastic News Michael!!! Glad I was able to help!