kelly Kardos (03.04.10, 12:14 PM): I have no words except you captured something truely extraordinary here.

Kathy (02.25.10, 8:26 PM): I am looking forward to Part 2.... powerful story and photos! We have no clue how blessed we are in the USA.... The work you and Mathieu did there was so very important to these children! You were a God-send!

Toby Roybal (02.25.10, 1:40 PM): Great to read the stories now and put two and two together as I knew you were having issues there in Haiti but could not elaborate over the phone.

Shannon Morgan (02.24.10, 11:08 PM): Michael, I am so glad you are sharing more of these stories with us. It is one thing to read it, and another thing to see it. This is truly incredible!!!