Photographers Contract Maker iPhone App (02.23.10, 9:59 AM): Thanks for a great contract maker app - its nice to have a legal automator that does this. Contracts for photographers have been scary for me, but your iPhone App solves this! Awesome!

Michael Andrew (02.22.10, 9:25 PM): Ya, it was pretty bad, I couldn't eat solid foods without getting sick for the first 3-4 days back. Lots of yogurt and protein shakes.

Kelly Kardos (02.22.10, 7:54 PM): I didn't realize either. Continue feeling better M-

chaos2k (02.22.10, 7:42 PM): I didn't realize you were that sick. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Elizabeth (02.22.10, 6:17 PM): Are you able to eat anything, or are you on a restricted diet due to your nausea? I didn't realize at first that you had malaria, how awful! Rest up and take your time getting back to full speed...thanks for using the blog to get people involved, it was great for me to actually do something that would really help people down in Haiti...