kelly Kardos (02.22.10, 7:57 PM): only 30-I can't wait to be at 30. But having a fun time with mine and thanks to your layers video..i'm a texture and layer addict! This is a great photo and I can only imagine life for these past weeks. glad you made it home safe and sound. I'm sure your mind is still abuzz.

boudoir photography Tampa (02.22.10, 10:12 AM): Definitely one of the most interesting projects if ever seen. I love it. You have only 30 more to go. Keep up the amazing photography work. Natascha

Boz (02.22.10, 9:44 AM): Melody's comment reminds me of a line in The Book Of Eli...we just take so much for granted. Interesting movie by the way, poor ending though :p Looking forward to seeing more of your shots Michael, this really does give a sense of the conditions.

Eva (02.21.10, 10:45 PM): You are amazing Michael!!

Melody (02.21.10, 1:52 PM): I would imagine that you are really really thankful for something that we take for granted. The ability to bathe whenever we want/need to. Nice sharp picture for using a truck mirror.