Justin Stearns (03.22.10, 1:41 AM): I feel a lot like the author of this review. I regret watching this movie. LOTS of subliminal programming in this movie. This is the most fear inducing movie I have watched in awhile. I would tell everyone I meet not to watch this movie because of its bad psychological side effects.

Rick Davis (02.20.10, 8:54 PM): The wife wanted dinner and a date tonight. I have been traipsing to Haiti so I said sure. She wanted to see Shutter Island. My friend Michael having prepared me I demurred. We saw Crazy Heart instead; excellent film I hope Jeff Bridges gets the Oscar.

Eva (02.20.10, 1:20 PM): Johnnie and I saw this movie last night too. Both of us liked it, although we had to shake off the feeling of having had our minds twisted.

kim (02.20.10, 1:08 PM): interesting, I actually wanted to see this movie...perhaps I'll venture into seeing it despite your suggestion...I'll see with caution

Rick Davis (02.20.10, 12:15 PM): Michael I find myself not being interested in this sort of entertainment; books or films; after Haiti.