Clipping Path Service (04.19.16, 2:00 AM): Really impressive video.

Robert (03.28.13, 7:43 PM): I'm planing to add the ability of signing a contract online. Do you make this type of app for a web site that uses WordPress or whatever??

Alexandra (02.21.10, 10:18 PM): This is wonderful! Thanks Micheal I purchased ths app today!

Alex Rubio (02.20.10, 11:20 PM): Excellent video Michael, the App looks great.

chaos2k (02.19.10, 9:42 AM): Great video M, guys its a mov file you may have to install quicktime to watch it

Adam Pendleton (02.19.10, 8:25 AM): Pretty stinkin' cool....

Rob (02.18.10, 11:35 PM): Vid not working for me either, I watched it on youtube. Congrats on its release!

Toby (02.18.10, 8:30 PM): WoW Michael, nice video showing/explaining the App!

Scott Roeben (02.18.10, 7:01 PM): Nice overview. Sharing liberally.

Giovanni (02.18.10, 6:21 PM): for some reason the video isn't working for me.