Pete (02.18.10, 9:13 PM): Awesome man. Amberly and I were talking about how this is super simple and takes a lot out of the head ache of contracts. I will also second that it should be super easy to work up a version for the Android.

Scott Roeben (02.18.10, 7:04 PM): Before we get too far into what's wrong with it, let's talk more about what's INCREDIBLE about it! Wonderful idea...and like I think you've said, why hasn't anyone thought of this?! Very cool, Michael, and it's perfect for someone like me who doesn't USE these documents, mostly because it's been such a pain. Very cool, and intuitive execution.

Kathy (02.18.10, 6:25 PM): Driod has a touch screen...could there be hope for me after all? :)

Kelly Easter (02.18.10, 5:19 PM): Thanks Michael and Brian! I am looking at them now. They come 8GB, 32GB, 64GB. Can you not add a larger GB card later? It looks like you can't. So buy what you need one time, correct?

Brian (02.18.10, 5:15 PM): Kelly, you would be better off just buying an iPod Touch.

Kelly Easter (02.18.10, 5:06 PM): Is an IPhone like my Palm where it could operate with/without phone service... if so it may be worth it to look into buying the unit for the applications that are not yet available for the Palm Operating System and just use the IPhone as a tool I would thrown in my gear bag like any other. Could I then go home and download this to the main computer and send out from there?

Michael Andrew (02.18.10, 5:02 PM): Ya- I am sorry about the incompatibility issues. Ive spoken with my programmer about this weeks ago...turns out it is impossible to do on most other platforms due to the functionalities of their code and hardware. (For example, you need a touch screen, most Blackberries don't have one)- will work on an iTouch though!

Kelly Easter (02.18.10, 5:00 PM): IPhone's may be great but the coverage isn't here. When will this brilliant tool be out for the rest of us? I hope you made a video on this so the rest of us can marvel.

Giovanni (02.18.10, 4:42 PM): Sounds like such a great idea...just wish this was also for Blackberry...

Michael Andrew (02.18.10, 1:26 PM): I hate to break to you even more, this is just the first of many, many iPhone Apps. I think when the iPad kicks in, we will have a very nice collection of perfect apps for it, including Contract Maker!

Kathy (02.18.10, 1:19 PM): Just my luck....shooting Nikon and talking on a Verizon Droid...I'm bummed....

Brian Owen (02.18.10, 1:07 PM): Just bought it, been waiting for this since you showed me in Haiti, going to bring it to workshop tomorrow and show the guys. Looking forward to using it.

Boz (02.18.10, 12:50 PM): Simply said - you are an Innovative Big Thinker. Great idea once again. Got my husband an ipod for his birthday recently, I may be borrowing it just to use th app!

Brian (02.18.10, 12:01 PM): Very true, good point Aaron.

Aaron (02.18.10, 12:00 PM): Works on iTouch as well! Cell coverage not needed.

Brian (02.18.10, 11:34 AM): Would love to have an iPhone, but AT&T has lousy coverage here, doesn't matter how great a phone it is if you can't get service. We had AT&T when we moved here and they sent us to the curb packing, thats right, they told us buh-bye!, said we cost them too much as we were using partners towers instead of their own. I will get an iPhone and your app when the iPhone comes to Verizon. Fingers crossed! :)