Kelly Kardos (02.17.10, 9:35 AM): angel have earned them!

Brian (02.16.10, 10:27 PM): Was this the orphanage that we tried to find that one day when we drove like an hour and half before we had to be back to salvation army for that meeting. Man whether or not it is or not, I am so glad you found this one. Wonderful story and what teamwork between you and your blog readers.

Diane (02.16.10, 6:04 PM): Look at all of those adorable faces!!!!!!!! Great story and awesome shot.

Karen (02.16.10, 3:05 PM): Amazing story!!

Eva (02.16.10, 1:48 PM): How adorable the children are!!

kim (02.16.10, 1:30 PM): I'm looking forward to more stories like these. Just touches the heart.