sunfrog (02.14.10, 11:00 AM): I'v said it before and i'll say it again YOU ARE THE MAN!! proud of you brother glad you made it back safe to .what would i do with out my mentor LOL now eat you the biggest pizza you can find take it easy bro

Eva (02.13.10, 10:09 PM): Mike, what made you sick in Haiti? We are glad you are home safe and sound!!

Alex Rubio (02.13.10, 1:41 PM): Michael, you deserve a gold medal my friend...!

Luis (02.13.10, 12:43 PM): Michael I feel proud of you ! thanks for doing something that I did not have the courage of doing!, you truly represented many of us out there!, welcome back my friend!. Luis.

Audrey Coley (02.13.10, 9:47 AM): Awesome Michael! So amazing what you did. I am so glad your home safe!

Kathy (02.13.10, 8:18 AM): You have done a phenominal job there! Glad you made it there and back safely too! Hope you're feeling better too!!!

Bill (02.13.10, 6:46 AM): Great job Michael.

Elizabeth (02.13.10, 1:23 AM): Glad you made it home safe and sound, and I hope you make a full recovery glad to hear that UNICEF finally got word of what you were doing there...well done, Michael.

Shannon Morgan (02.12.10, 11:19 PM): Todd these are great images! So neat to see michaeil in action after weeks of writing about did and are still doing incredible things! glad to hear you are feeling better.

Eva (02.12.10, 10:22 PM): A born leader you are Michael!!

Kelly Easter (02.12.10, 10:08 PM): That's Fantastic!!