Alex Rubio (02.13.10, 1:35 PM): Welcome back M!!! Glad you are back from a long, rewarding and amazing journey!

Ryan W. (02.12.10, 6:07 PM): Welcome home.. Glad you made it back nice and safe.

Tammy tin (02.12.10, 3:41 PM): Welcome Home Michael!!

chaos2k (02.12.10, 2:51 PM): Welcome back. I'm glad you had a safe and productive trip

soupayam (02.12.10, 11:45 AM): i mean have u ever drop by singapore?

soupayam (02.12.10, 11:26 AM): WELCOME BACK!!!!! did u drop by Singapore?????

Kyle (02.12.10, 9:00 AM): Welcome back. Have a chicken fil-a sandwich on me :)

Christine (02.11.10, 10:00 PM): I can't wait for the pictures and stories. The adventures must have been interesting to say the least. Take time to rest.

Eva (02.11.10, 8:55 PM): I am sure you are enjoying being back to modern conveniences. Love u lots!!!!!

Kjersti (02.11.10, 8:31 PM): Glad to hear you are home safe. Looking forward to your photos and stories.

Derrick (02.11.10, 6:31 PM): Welcome back Michael! You have gone above the call of duty, sleep well and thank you for doing what you did. We eagerly await your thoughts about what happened and what is needed moving forward.