tammytin (02.11.10, 5:52 PM): Well done AJ! Very fitting. Michael what an amazing moment to witness and capture! God bless him!

Elizabeth (02.11.10, 1:13 AM): Wow...I hope he survives, he has a good bit of recovery ahead of him...what a moment to capture, Michael! Just incredible...

Kelly Kardos (02.10.10, 6:12 PM): Oh my goodness...The scenes Michael has witnessed.

Boz (02.10.10, 8:21 AM): Very Cool Input A.J.!

A.J. (02.10.10, 4:38 AM): While reading this AP article a moment ago, after hearing about it on the t.v. news yesterday (8 Feb). I noted the gentleman's name and having a thing about taking names from the "news" and re-arranging the letters to see what else can be spelled, I did so on his stated name. The letters used in "Evans Monsigrace" also spell "Evon is Mans grace". Being unsure of the meaning of the name Evon, I looked on a baby name site and found it can mean "God's grace; born of yew; youth"... So, (call me crazy if you like) his stated name and the mircale of his survival may well be (is imo) a divine message! Next, I glanced at a few pictures and decided to visit the photographer's site credited with the pictures and here I am at Michael Andrew's michaelthemaven.com, thinking how very interesting that the main page includes the "meanings" of Michael and maven (like the site I'd visited a few minutes before to find the meaning of Evon).

chaos2k (02.10.10, 12:40 AM): a miracle. I didn't anyone could survive that long.

Eva (02.09.10, 10:41 PM): I also heard tonight this brave man has two children. Blessings and Love Mike. You are making us all proud!!

Jason Calvi (02.09.10, 10:36 PM): Michael, this story is one of the top stories on yahoo.com. Your pictures are referenced and you are quoted several times in it. I'm happy for the difference you are making over there.

lica neves (02.09.10, 9:01 PM): oh my god i feel so hurt .God will help to keep him alive and healthy.I also hope that god will keep him from suffering ever again in his life.

Giovanni (02.09.10, 4:22 PM): How amazing...what a miracle.

Christine (02.09.10, 3:51 PM): Karlie - I think you guys should do a story on Michael's adventures. One man trying to save a little piece of the world. :)

Karlie (02.09.10, 11:16 AM): Michael - I'm a producer at FOXNews Channel - is there anyway we can use your photo of the man pulled from the rubble? We'll courtesy you and link back to your website. Thanks -Karlie

Christine (02.09.10, 7:18 AM): They just used your photo on the Today Show also. (The same as the CNN) and another photo of the man hooked up to some monitor wires. Still an amazing story.

Kjersti (02.09.10, 2:39 AM): I was just watching the news and they flashed the photo. It was so nice to see your name across the photo giving you credit. So happy you are staying safe over there, and that you have been able to do so much. You have proved that one person can make a difference.

Coleen (02.08.10, 10:04 PM): WOW!!!! He obviously had an amazing will to live..... My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.... stay safe.

Eva Gabrielle (02.08.10, 6:55 PM): Poor man!! I wonder who gave him water?? I have let my friends that know you and my family know of the wonderful work you are doing. Feel our loving support and encourage all around you. We love you!!

raquel granillo-nicholson (02.08.10, 1:14 PM): oh my what an amazing photo...truly captivating

kim (02.08.10, 12:54 PM): Oh my goodness I love this. My heart goes out to him

Boz (02.08.10, 11:12 AM): That is amazing!!!!