Terra (02.15.10, 4:41 PM): Sow a Seed is one of the truly wonderous grassroots groups. We keep a short list of orgs that are "on-the-ground" in disaster zones, so people can donate DIRECT to the small orphanages, clinics, etc. And we "gather" stuff...and send them to small sites. I just got back from packing a bunch of pallets for Partners in Development...another clinic-based "life management" center, with training centers, career counselers, case managers, etc. Anyway, we love you Sow a Seed. And we love you Michael for helping so many orphanages find basic supplies when no one else could get these sites served... Terra www.citizencommandcenter

Claudia (02.08.10, 11:56 AM): Hi, your info was passed onto me at the airport in Haiti by a group of doctors that you had been working with. They informed me that you were Geo -tagging all orphanages. I was at the airport picking up cargo from an airplane to distribute at various hospitals and orphanages for Sow a Seed (SAS). I am a Haitian American and founder of SAS (www.sowaseedonline.org or http://www.facebook.com/pages/SowaSeed/257617605011?ref=ts), a non profit org based in miami dedicated to aiding orphanages in Haiti. We have a local team in Haiti that have been working endlessly to help many orphanages. From what I understood from the doctors, I believe we could greatly benefit from each other with the information we both have. I would love to meet you to elaborate more on what we do and how we can collaborate. I have tried to contact you by email, however only receive an automated message. I am here for a couple of days and my cell in Haiti is 37012221. Please call or email me your contact info at info@sowaseedonline.org. Thank you for all your great effort and work in Haiti. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Claudia