Katlin (12.05.07, 2:49 PM): Oh my Those are good pictures I like them Everyone looks good

Michael Andrew (08.02.07, 12:00 AM): You are very welcome Caroline- if you want the full size pics let me know. I do free family shoots on Sundays if you tell me in advance and meet me in the park. Let me know! M

Caroline (08.01.07, 10:40 PM): That little frowning boy is the cutest boy I have ever seen! HaHa-I can say that becaue he is mine. No really-you took some really good pictures that night! Thank you for making this blog and for sharing your talent with everyone!

Michael Andrew (07.30.07, 11:54 PM): You are welcome Jesse- Ill be sure to get copies to you soon. :)

JesseAnn (07.30.07, 2:47 PM): Nice pics! It was way fun, and you are right, when its all said and done, we end up wanting copies of them all. Thanks! You have mad skill :) hehe

Eva Gabrielle (07.30.07, 10:54 AM): The picture of the kid frowning is just too funny:) Good job!!