Kelly Kardos (02.10.10, 6:14 PM): Michael-not sure if you are a religious man...but I think you have earned your wings.G-d Bless

Kyle (02.07.10, 3:34 PM): Great work Michael. You've really made an impact in lives of many people down there. Continue to stay safe and good luck this week.

Toby (02.07.10, 11:48 AM): @Leslie - The 82nd has the full list, I believe the Canadian navy is handling the Leogane region with 82nd supplying supplies to them if/when needed. 82nd is looking at everyone else. Hope this answers your question. :) If clothes can be located I am sure the 82nd would go pick them up and distribute them.

Leslie (02.07.10, 10:43 AM): Michael, Will the 82nd only be focused in Leogane? Or will they go anywhere you've found needs on your list? I'm looking for org's that have clothes on the ground. They are there, it's just connecting to them.

Jenny Stubbs (02.07.10, 6:00 AM): What an amazing job, Mike! This is incredible...

Eva Gabrielle (02.06.10, 10:40 PM): I AM INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU MIKE!! How did you get into the counry? There are tons of Unity Churches in Florida. Would you like some assistance in contacting them? My prayers are with you for sure. I just found out today your are in Haiti. Much love, Mom