Alex Rubio (02.13.10, 2:08 PM): 2 Ordered, fantastic job Michael...!

Mary Eklund (02.08.10, 9:59 AM): One more filter on the way - there was a "special instructions to the seller" box on PayPal, so it has been designated for you. I posted the link on Facebook a few days ago, and will keep doing it. Keep up the amazing work!

Boz (02.08.10, 8:26 AM): Completed, as well as posted on the blog and facebooked - Great Job Michael!!

Duncan (02.07.10, 7:14 PM): Ordered one. Amazing what you are doing. It just goes to show how much of an impact one person can have!

Tera (02.06.10, 10:22 PM): I donated 7 ($210). Keep up the good work!

Brian Henry (02.06.10, 9:31 PM): I'm in for two, I posted this information to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I will be spreading the word!

Jas Sumal (02.06.10, 6:13 PM): I just donated $60. Thanks Michael.

Christin (02.06.10, 6:11 PM): Bought one. $30. Bookmarked for future purchases. It's the least I can do

Karen Tart (02.06.10, 1:44 PM): $60 from me. Bookmarked it so I can do it every month.

Rick Davis (02.06.10, 12:49 PM): I posted on my blog that if you use Google checkout just put 'Michael's Orphanages' in the second address line for your credit card perhaps that will make sure it gets there properly. Even if it does not the filter should get to the needy.

Tera (02.06.10, 12:38 PM): Donation is really quick through paypal and you can write in the comments section you want it to go directly to the 82nd Airborne aka Michaels Orphanages. We should all try to pass this along to our friends, family, etc.. Put the link on your facebook status and lets see if we can help Michael reach his goal! THANKS MICHAEL!!!

Hinesh Patel (02.06.10, 9:01 AM): With you there Michael, i know my donations are going to be used were it counts. Im in for 6. Thanks

Kathy (02.05.10, 9:43 PM): I'm in for 4 ....thank you for giving us a way to help directly!

Toby R. (02.05.10, 9:06 PM): When using PayPal you will get to "Review" your donation. On that page to the left of the Total amount you will see a + sign that states "Add special instructions to the seller". You can click on the plus sign and put in the box "For Michael's Orphanages". :) I am sure it works the same for Google Checkout :)

Marilyn Litt (02.05.10, 7:47 PM): I just donated $60 but there was no way to designated the filters for ou. I contacted the company after my donation completed and sent them this message: "I just made a donation fof $60 which is to go to Michael's Orphanages in Haiti, but there was no option to select that or a comment box to include that information. Could you fix that and also see that my donation is properly directed? Thank you." I will spread the word on this after they fix it so people can get the filters to you you!

Michael Andrew (02.05.10, 7:16 PM): Thank you so much! Please let us know what you donate here- we are trying to keep track :) - I've seen and photographed the people these will go to, they will absolutely make a difference!

I-wander (02.05.10, 7:05 PM): What a great way to make an immediate impact. Done, one water filter on the way for Michael and Mathieu