Tammytin (02.04.10, 9:54 PM): Well Michael it looks as if you and Matthew have done what you had set out to do and I am glad to hear things are starting to settle down. Although I am sure they are far from any "settle down " that we know. I am glad to hear that you will be heading home soon, that stress, frustration, and living conditions have to wear on a person. You have accomplished amazing things with only sheer determination. Stay safe and when you do leave, it will be with a happy heart and a heavy heart, But go knowing that you made a difference. God Bless and stay safe and positive.

johanne karam (02.04.10, 1:02 PM): Hi Mike...love to read your blog...nice pics as well...if you have a minute, can you email me or post the pictures you took at hopital ste-croix, the one with the doctor and the one with the daughter of the lady who works at our school...glad to know that both the Canadian Army and The Salvation Army are assisting you guys...don't give up...do your best (as you always do) and when it's time to go, at least you can walk away with your head held high...keep smiling and God Bless you both...Cheers!

Marilyn Litt (02.04.10, 12:46 AM): So great to read what you are accomplishing! Bring on that PayPal account!!

Boz (02.03.10, 10:56 PM): You guys have accomplished some pretty amazing things - and the contacts with the Salvation Army and Canadian Navy are incredible. Glad the SA are looking after you too! Seems like a lot of people who were previously blocked from getting into Haiti to help are now getting access. Maybe some will be able to cary on when you are ready to go! Great Job, Michael, Matthew, Josh (CN) and SA!

Elizabeth (02.03.10, 10:48 PM): Glad to know that things are really going much better there, and that someone is taking care of you too!

Kathy (02.03.10, 9:38 PM): I'm glad to hear that there is going to be future help for these children that you've found. I was worried about that! Glad to hear too about the food surge!! What a blessing!!! :)