Christine (02.04.10, 12:04 PM): Amazing, simply amazing! I thought about the paypal thing last week too - get that set up so we can all help.

Leslie (02.04.10, 2:40 AM): What I would say to that person who emailed you is "THEN WHERE ARE THESE WELL ESTABLISHED NGO'S WHO SEEM TO KNOW IT ALL?" And who's in charge of orphanages? And how come those that are allegedly charged with serving them do not answer the phone, or the no. is out of order, or the emails bounce back, or you get an illiterate answer that is not an answer? That is what I would ask.

kim (02.03.10, 3:16 PM): wow, I'm curious to know who sent that email AND WHO THIS NEW ALLY IS!!?? I was wondering how we were going to get money to you to buy what you needed. I like the pay pal idea. How expensive are we talking with the bags and how big are the bags like how long would a bag last feeding such and such amount of people? Hope that question made sense...

Alex Rubio (02.03.10, 3:07 PM): Fantastic idea about PayPal Michael, I'm sure you'll get tons of help this way... Count me in when you have it setup...!

johanne karam (02.03.10, 12:22 PM): btw, you do look different when cleaned up..hihihi

johanne karam (02.03.10, 12:21 PM): Hi Michael...glad to know you and Mathieu are still at it. I am a witness to what efforts you are doing in Haiti and anyone who may think that any individual person is not able to help, obviously has not met you. I am proud to have met you and worked along with you both. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more on your blog. God Bless! Johanne

Kathy (02.03.10, 6:03 AM): I love the Paypal idea! Set it up, and I'll promote everywhere I can! I'm thanking God every day for what he's doing for those kids through You, and for your fortitude to keep pushing on....praying that God will continue to keep His hand on you!

Peter (02.02.10, 10:27 PM): This continues to be inspiring Michael. Someone from Discovery Channel needs to get down there and start following the stuff you are doing.

Derrick (02.02.10, 10:25 PM): Set it up Michael!!!!

Traci (02.02.10, 9:19 PM): the paypal thing is a great idea. If you put it on your web site I will send your web address to some people I know. I think you'll be able to get lots of help this way.