k (01.27.10, 4:51 PM): It's just sad that there's so much red tape that these organizations have to go through with the supplies waiting at the airport and not getting to where they need to go. I don't believe that it's any of these organizations faults. It's not like they don't want the aid to go to those in need. They want to help they wouldn't be there or send aid if they didn't.

Brian (01.27.10, 11:23 AM): So glad you were able to help the Zachary family out. I know they are incredibly grateful. I am still amazed about the connections and that this worked out. Small world for sure.

Nan (01.27.10, 10:25 AM): One of my clients mentioned this article in the Washington Post, I thought to send it to Michael. This guy may be someone you could work with in Haiti. http://www.washingtonpost..com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/01/22/AR2010012203462.html http:/ / www.utahhaitirelief.org/

Bill (01.27.10, 6:31 AM): I sure hope that you have success getting aid to those kids! Stay on it, and it will happen. Good luck Michael!

Kathy (01.26.10, 8:34 PM): Michael, two of the doctors from my hospital are traveling there with supplies and hopefully already have some connections as they are native Haitians. Tell me how they can contact you and maybe something will come of that. One is already there and one will be going soon.