Sharon (01.29.10, 8:19 PM): Don't give up Michael. I think you have such a wonderful opportunity to help these needy children. Sounds like the Salvation Army is your best bet. Unfortunately I read the last blog before these latter ones and queried then where the Army was. I still wonder where all the other agencies are. I know God will lead you and keep you safe because you are honouring Him in what you are doing.. I'll keep praying for you

Alex Rubio (01.27.10, 9:39 AM): Excellent job Michael. You are a gift to mankind... Be careful out there.

Shannon Morgan (01.25.10, 6:21 PM): Rick I will forward your message on to him!

Debbie (01.25.10, 9:50 AM): I am totally amazed at what you are doing! Thank you for the sacrifices you are making to save the lives of those precious little children! You are in my prayers, and I hope that you will stay safe!

Rick Davis (01.25.10, 6:57 AM): Please pass this to Michael. I would like to know he and Mathew are OK. I know he has text only. My number for text is 386-481-8306.

Karen Tart (01.25.10, 4:43 AM): Seeing a face like that is priceless and renews my hope for you.

Christine (01.24.10, 9:47 PM): I pray that your efforts get the information back to the organizations that can help these poor children and people and that your efforts do not get booged down by red tape. These are real people who are suffering. Keep up the amazing work, stay safe and strong.

Kathy (01.24.10, 9:35 PM): Continuing in prayer for you and the people of Haiti....God bless you for what you're doing! When you see a need where we can be of help, let us know!!!!

Giovanni (01.24.10, 9:26 PM): What an example you are Michael, I hope and pray for your safety as you try and help those wonderful people and children.

rick davis (01.24.10, 8:44 PM): Michael it's Rick. You and Mathew be very careful and keep us updated. Good job man.

kim (01.24.10, 6:05 PM): She's beautiful. I'm glad you're there and helping but we do worry about safety. I'm glad you are with locals though that you trust enough to watch your back in those dangerous situations.

Shannon Morgan (01.24.10, 5:32 PM): Look at that face!! Absolutely beautiful!!

tammytin (01.24.10, 5:28 PM): Michael, you and the Haitian people are included in my prayers every time I pray. You are doing a beautiful thing. Be safe and let that little voice guide you.