Debra (01.28.10, 3:44 PM): Good luck Michael, I'll pray for you every day!

kim (01.20.10, 5:30 PM): sorry i didn't reread what i typed hope you could make sense out of it

kim (01.20.10, 5:29 PM): ok i didn't read this before i wrote on you facebook. this makes much more sense then oh aid just isn't coming for haiti, i knew aid was sent but media is making it seem that no help is coming. I really hope that you guys and get this program up and running and help out down there to the aid where it needs to go. I know you were lead to do this.

Alstare (01.20.10, 10:23 AM): Hit me up Michael for whatever you need. I am in a similar situation as you, as for time and availability, and the ability to go and be anywhere without much obligations right now.

Brian Owen (01.20.10, 2:15 AM):