hawaii rocher (01.19.10, 2:31 PM): Michael, be safe take care and you will be in our prayers! get some good shots when you can! I'd love to see if there has been any type of improvement out there.

Elizabeth (01.19.10, 10:57 AM): It sounds like you will easily get into Haiti from where you are going in. That's how a lot of aid workers are getting in. Work hard and be safe! What an experience this will be for you...there are cities outside of Port-au-Prince that are JUST getting aid that were totally flattened...just crazy to think about...

Christine (01.18.10, 9:26 PM): What a life changing opportunity you have. You are fortunate to be able to pack and go. In a way you are bringing us with you - we all support you from here. It sounds like every hand is a helping hand right now once they can figure out how to get people to where the help is needed. Be safe.

Kelly (01.18.10, 5:38 PM): I think it's amazing that you are compelled to help and actually do something instead of talking about it. I'm sure it is something that will stay with you forever. Wishing you well

Bill in Akron (01.18.10, 2:56 PM): Either way, I admire you for trying to make a difference! My thoughts and prayers go with you!

Bill in Akron (01.18.10, 2:52 PM): Michael, be careful! Before you go, check into the fact that the Dominicans HATE the Haitians, and you might not be welcome in Santo Domingo if they find out why you're there. I mean, you're not gonna get any help from the Dominicans. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying anything derogatory about Dominicans, just warning you about their dislike for the Haitians. We haven't heard of the Domincans helping them in any way, have we? They've probably shut their borders, but I don't know.......

Diane (01.18.10, 12:32 PM): Be safe......we'll all be thinking about you!

Lauri (01.18.10, 9:37 AM): Good Luck, Michael! Will be thinking about you and praying for your safety as well as the wonderful things you could do there!

Joel (01.18.10, 6:00 AM): Good Luck Michael.

Tia (01.18.10, 12:52 AM): Good luck, Michael. I can't wait to hear updates, and see your photos. You're so good to go over and help. I wish I could!

Doug (01.17.10, 11:07 PM): M, check out nwhcm.org. We've worked with them for a long time. They have run a mission in Haiti since 1979. They have many connections/network with many missions on the island and could be a great resource for you. They also have people stateside that can give you realtime info and help. Good Luck.

Kjersti (01.17.10, 10:49 PM): I will keep you in my prayers Michael.

Kathy (01.17.10, 8:45 PM): I will be praying for you...be very careful there and always watch your back. The reports are already saying there is no police or government there right now and looting and robery is rampant as people try to get supplies to stay alive...or capitilize on what they can steal.... My pastor friend who's there said bodies are stacked 7 deep on the roads and with the devastation it's the closest thing to what he's read in the book of Revelation in his entire life. BE CAREFUL! My church will be praying for you too!

Mark Iuzzolino (01.17.10, 4:43 PM): Good luck, Michael. I pray that you can make a difference and return safely. I wish my circumstances allowed me to come with you.