Laurie Rolinitis (01.19.10, 7:35 AM): Best Wishes and good luck!!! This is an amazing thing you are doing be safe and God Bless!!

Derrick (01.17.10, 3:50 PM): Is the 7D the only body going with you? Can you look into those solar powered adapters that can help you charge batteries in the field? They may be slow but walking with it sticking out of your bag in the daytime may help you. Electricity will be an issue.

Derrick (01.17.10, 3:43 PM): For your trip, I saw on TV that a news reporter said that they wished they had mosquito nets for sleeping at night.

Kyle (01.17.10, 3:34 PM): Good luck on your trip Michael. I think it's probably wise bringing these lenses and not your Canon L lenses. I look forward to seeing your pictures from the trip and hearing about your experiences. Who are you going down with?