Toby R (02.16.10, 9:09 PM): Well, less then $10, requires electricity, has settings, is customizable, I still say it has something to do with lighting but I cannot believe that it would be a stand alone(meaning provide all the lighting for you) as it is very bright outside where you took the picture. So it must be something that can help you configure a light from a distance. Unlike a PW. Hmmmm

Jaswanth (01.24.10, 9:09 AM): How to change the shutter speed n aperture in Cannon A470

michael andrew (01.15.10, 10:48 PM): These are all really great guesses. I cant say if you are close or not of course. One of you may be....then again, one of you may not be. :)

Diane (01.15.10, 1:20 PM): Looking forward to it!!!!!!! ;-)

chaos2k (01.15.10, 12:41 AM): cant wait to see what it is M

Melody (01.14.10, 10:44 PM): Battery/Solar powered, wireless, portable hard drive that automatically stores all pictures from the camera while you're still taking them. Never run out of memory again. And doubles as a battery charger for all types of batteries. Never run out of power again.

Derrick (01.14.10, 7:59 PM): Hit the enter key too quick. But maybe also it involves the strap of the camera?

Derrick (01.14.10, 7:57 PM): Is it a very portable holder or support that the DSLR sits in that will allow us to take pictures in portrait or landscape mode?

Abraham Yang (01.14.10, 2:03 PM): Michael, you should give one of these free mystery products to the one who correctly guesses it. This is cruel and unusual punishment, by the way, teasing us like that. =)

Michael Andrew (01.14.10, 1:55 PM): Alex- Yes....I Do! :) lol

i-wander (01.14.10, 1:35 PM): My guess is something that will easily be recognized by the camera to focus on. You know, dark shots how someone will hold up an illuminated cell phone, similar to that but for all light conditions.

abraham Yang (01.14.10, 1:15 PM): Either that, or it's some sort of Ed Pierce color balance device.

Abraham Yang (01.14.10, 1:14 PM): I think it's some sort of simple, cost-effective device to stabilize camera shake, which is something I worry about all the time.

Boz (01.14.10, 12:15 PM): I'm with Alstare - something lighting related? hmmm. So does creating this new thing get you your phd? By the sounds of it - it should!

Adrian (01.14.10, 11:50 AM): did it jump off the ledge because you won't let it come out and play with the photographers? Poor little invention, I think you should let it out to play. :)

Alstare (01.14.10, 11:03 AM): My only guess is something lighting related, due to the angle to the subject if it was sitting on this ledge well you were shooting. Some kind of speedlite stand perhaps?

Alex Kim (01.14.10, 9:42 AM): Oh, you just have to keep teasing us, don't you?