Scott Roeben (08.21.10, 3:19 AM): Sometimes, when I'm having an off day, I re-visit this post. Thank you again, Michael and everyone, for being so gracious and kind and supportive.

joey (01.20.10, 9:40 AM): great pictures :D

Alex Rubio (01.15.10, 10:28 AM): Beautiful shots Scott, Congrats!

Carole (01.14.10, 3:13 PM): I am glad you feaatured Mr. Roeben...he is a very talented photographer.

Mindy B (01.13.10, 6:06 PM): Great Job Scott. He really does put a lot of emotion into his work.

Kate Justice (01.13.10, 6:44 AM): Few photographers are actually artists. He is both. Thanks for sharing.

Joanie (01.13.10, 3:09 AM): Scott is a great photographer to feature. He tries to act like he's unsure about what he's doing, but the simple fact is, his skill and confidence shows in every single image. He inspires lots of people and it's nice to see him get some recognition.

Scott Roeben (01.13.10, 2:25 AM): Wow! I'm speechless (and that never really happens). What gracious words. I can't thank you enough. And thank you, too, Michael! What a wonderful gift. You truly have vision. Thanks again, everyone! I'm flattered beyond belief.

Kelly Easter (01.12.10, 10:57 PM): Hmm.. chilled grasshoppers. Now that something to put in your photobag! What a clever man Scott is!

Kathy (01.12.10, 9:48 PM): Scott, you have some terrific shots have been blessed with a wonderful're very talented!!! Congratulations! You deserve the recognition!

Kyle (01.12.10, 8:49 PM): Excellent images Scott!

Diane (01.12.10, 4:10 PM): Scott's portraits are amazing....please be sure to check out his Flickr and see the portrait shots he took of some of the homeless....amazing!

Aaron (01.12.10, 3:58 PM): What a great way to slow the insects down! I was wondering how he took such a perfect picture of an ant. Nice work!

Shannon Morgan Photography (01.12.10, 12:35 PM): Scott you know i am a HUGE fan of yours!! There isn't anything you can't do. There is just such emotion in all of your images, including those bugs :)!!

kim (01.12.10, 10:57 AM): I agree, these are great and wonderful of you to feature him. I think what you both are doing is great!

Rob (01.12.10, 10:42 AM): Absolutely beautiful Scott! You have a gift! Thanks for sharing these M.

chaos2k (01.12.10, 8:59 AM): beautiful images Scott

Terrell Neasley (01.12.10, 3:41 AM): Scott is indeed a class act of boundless talent. I count myself very fortunate and privileged to know him and I think you do him great credit for the feature.