soupayam (02.12.10, 11:12 AM): Is That Singapore??????????? i see on your route??? i mean not really see but im from singapore!! To small to be seen!

Lynne (01.23.10, 1:36 PM): You'd have to come to New Zealand - quick to get around and diverse landscape (from sea to mountains to native bush ...) & yes, we do speak english way down here - lol!! We are kind of missing on your world map though ... like we slipped off the edge of the earth or something!!

byron (01.18.10, 10:33 PM): Wow I can see you have pitstop here in the Philippines..We have a lot of places here to see and photograph. To name a few we have: Boracay Island, Palawan, Albay (where Mayon Volcano is located - Having one of the worlds most perfect cone for a volcano), Hundred Islands of Pangasinan, Manila of course and a lot more..

Rob (01.13.10, 10:30 AM): No plans to hit Alaska? I hear it is beautiful there with some pretty amazing views to shoot there.

kim (01.12.10, 11:03 AM): I was just kidding btw I wouldn't laugh. :) I would love to go to Egypt, I am just fascinated by its ancient culture. I would love to go on one of these trips. Don't flirt with the idea MA go and do it. Be the best vagabond you can be and document it for the world.

Priscila Mota (01.12.10, 8:46 AM): Wow Mike That's amazing. I really do hope you get to do it. That would be a wonderful opportunity. Had to stop by to say I'm here. Didn't want you to think I disappeared. I'm silently reading the blogs. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

James (01.11.10, 7:57 PM): What an opportunity to see the world! Only one camera? How many lenses? Buy additional clothes along the way? Will there be time to swing through Orlando for a session?

Kate Justice (01.11.10, 11:59 AM): AWESOME! I disagree. I don't care that much for Africa. Take me with you!!!

Alex Rubio (01.11.10, 9:51 AM): Very nice Michael, looks like you will be at my home country, Chile. Many relatives that would welcome you at their home. Just say the word...

Melody (01.10.10, 5:38 PM): I wanna go!!! Especially across Russia!

Pete (01.10.10, 3:03 PM): I agree with Dirk. If you going to do this I would see more of Africa.

kim (01.10.10, 12:55 PM): so you get in trouble in this country for taking a picture you want try it in another one...hmmm if I hear you're in a foreign prison in china or north korea I'm gonna laugh and then get Bill Clinton to get you out LOL.

Luis (01.10.10, 10:44 AM): Michael, you will be leaving Buenos Aires - Argentina and going to Uruguay, you will be passing trough my hometown (Gualeguaychu) because that is where the bridge is, you are welcome to stay in my house, I will not be there because I live in Chicago but my mother will be happy to have a guest, just let me know when you are ready!. Bye , Luis.

Dirk (01.10.10, 10:15 AM): Spend more time in Africa. You will not be disappointed. Come stay with us is Johannesburg if we are still around. (we may be going around the world in 2011 too except the other way around.) From Brazil you go to Cape Town and upwards....

Boz (01.10.10, 7:20 AM): Figuring they are still not going to allow you into Canada eh? :(

Daniel (01.10.10, 5:01 AM): Hi Michael, So I see you in Paris or Brussels for the project 'MeetingMyStudents'? Sounds great! Cheers, Dan