Kelly (01.07.10, 9:10 AM): I want her legs! I like the angle of you both.

Michael Sherman (01.06.10, 10:21 PM): Michael- Sorry to break it to you, but the model's got you beat in the leg department. Now, as for the socks. I definitely give the edge to you! By the way, Roll Tide tomorrow!

Shannon Morgan (01.06.10, 11:49 AM): you KNOW i have missed your shorts and white socks :)!! Thanks for making me smile today :)!!

Kelly Easter (01.05.10, 10:43 PM): @Alstare... That makes me laugh because our Love sign is the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Security Guards will Snatch you down!! Happened with a Senior I was photographing... I guess the trick here is make your Model wear all Black (check) and don't forget your 580exii (check check).

Alstare (01.05.10, 10:08 PM): My guess is the big "LOVE" sign in the park?

Kelly Easter (01.05.10, 4:14 AM): What is that you and the Model are sitting on?