Jen (01.01.10, 12:38 AM): I do not remember you taking this. What a great shot. I couldn't find you till I looked at it a few times. Crazy!

Michael Andrew (12.31.09, 2:13 PM): Sure- It was taken at the Mesa Arts Center. There are a lot of wonderful shapes and colors there. This was a reflective overhang and I am standing on a brick like sidewalk. Ran it through Paintballer Pro - Then Used Michael Andrew Lollipops - Chocholate! Thats it!

Luis (12.30.09, 5:44 PM): Michael this is one of my favorites pictures from you!, Can you talk a little bit about it?, location, settings, plug ins?, anything. Thanks, Luis.

Melody (12.29.09, 7:38 PM): Now that looks like fun!

Kelly Easter (12.29.09, 6:26 PM): Wow