Kate Justice (01.01.10, 11:41 PM): I'm not sure I understand how anyone could even steal your DVD's. People actually ask you for free stuff? Yikes. I think people are just cheap, but more importantly, greedy. I'm patiently waiting on that wedding DVD. CAN'T WAIT!

kim (12.29.09, 12:32 PM): they don't think it's worth the amount of money you're charging they believe the process is the same as a youtube just a home video you put on a DVD who'd want to pay $35-45 for it

Tammytin (12.29.09, 8:22 AM): Well if you are looking for reasons than the only thing my mind could come up with is that perhaps they are not sure the DVD is worth it? Value... is the DVD worth their 40.00? and we all KNOW IT IS ... every penny!!!!!! That would be the only reason I could see... and even that doesn't pan out.. They are just Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Who would think of contacting Wal-Mart or Amazon and asking for a discount or have the balls to ask for Free?? Just blows my mind. JMO

Elizabeth (12.29.09, 12:51 AM): Because they are lazy bums who won't take the extra time to EARN the extra $40 to pay for your DVDs that you have put blood, sweat and tears into...which means they really aren't vested in your work, which means it will sit and gather dust or end up being a coaster...if I were in your shoes, I don't think I would ever give away one of those DVD's unless it were part of a 'free giveaway' thing as a promotion...

cindy (12.28.09, 10:09 PM): As twisted as this sounds- I think some people do it as a "cool" factor. The perception (false obviously) is that being honest isn't always the street savvy or "cool" thing to do. I know many well to do folks who steal music all the time.

Kjersti (12.28.09, 10:07 PM): I think it might be as simple as some people have to ask for a better deal just to see if they can get one or not.

Melody (12.28.09, 9:10 PM): How about all those people who will drop tons of cash on great equipment because if they 'own the best' then they will 'look the best' and 'take the best pictures.' But can't possibly stand to fork over a little cash for a learning tool because it would be admitting that they need help. They don't understand the value in your DVDs. If they could only understand that the 40 bucks for a DVD could potentially earn them so much more by giving them the knowledge on how to use their equipment properly. True students will find a way to legitimately gain knowledge. And I love all the freebies you have posted, makes a person want all of it!

Dad (12.28.09, 8:56 PM): Well cheap often applies, but how about celebrity shop lifters who 'steal for thrill'? Or the 'dogs' who "loveth and maketh a lie"? You have a moral standard they cannot understand. They have a moral standard we don't want to understand.