michael andrew (12.30.09, 1:09 AM): "Painting with Dark" plus Paintballer Pro!

Kelly K (12.28.09, 10:09 PM): HOT HOT HOT! Lollypops? Great capture.

I-wander (12.23.09, 11:12 PM): Michael, you have a George Costanza size of wallet, time to streamline my man!

michael andrew (12.22.09, 11:58 PM): Painting with Dark will be shown on the "Advanced Photography Techniques" DVD :)

Alex Rubio (12.22.09, 10:09 PM): Maaan, this is fantastic, what an awesome shot. I would love to see some videos on painting with dark, it looks pretty amazing...

Kyle (12.22.09, 6:07 PM): Very cool. This is one of my favorites so far.

michael andrew (12.22.09, 2:27 PM): One layer through Paintballer Pro!

Petur Stefansson (12.22.09, 1:42 PM): Great picture. Did you HDR process it?

Dad (12.22.09, 12:31 PM): I love this shot.

Shannon Morgan (12.22.09, 11:13 AM): Super Cool!!

Adam Pendleton (12.22.09, 10:46 AM): Hey Michael, what lens is this? Thanks!