Diane (12.21.09, 3:28 PM): Can't wait to find out what this is!!!! Hey, how did some become "testers"???

Boz (12.18.09, 9:26 PM): Haha, good one Scott! :)

Dad (12.18.09, 2:35 AM): Pros and prosumers will love it. There are important reasons for the secrecy. Try to be patient.

Scott Roeben (12.18.09, 12:47 AM): Marketing tip: Expand group of first testers to someone who will rave no matter what it is! Ahem.

Melissa Bridges (12.17.09, 10:55 PM): As one of the "first testers," I have to tell you that you all should be so excited! The Top Secret Product is awesome & will be SO worth the wait!

Alex Rubio (12.17.09, 8:21 PM): Arghhhhhh... When is the unveiling, the suspense is building...!

chaos2k (12.17.09, 7:56 PM): the suspense builds :)

Luis (12.17.09, 6:35 PM): Give us a little clue please!!