Kelly Easter (12.16.09, 9:58 PM): Could you incorporate this commercial into your referal program? You could have several photographers post the video on their site. It would take the demand off of us to help others and put it where it belongs with a skilled teacher.

Melody (12.16.09, 7:15 PM): Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'll be honest here... I hate infomercials. I find that every product I see advertised on an infomercial sinks to a lower level of interest for me. Which I suppose is not fair, there are some great products being advertised. I just can't stand the delivery. I stumbled across your videos on youtube by accident. And I watched as many as I could right then. And then checked out your website, fell in love and haven't left. So personally, I would never have bought a video from the commercial (sorry, I know that's not what you would have wanted). BUT... the youtube videos I found to be awesome! And being able to watch some of the actual 'product' tells me what it is worth. Every penny. It sucks that it didn't work out for you, but the free advertising on youtube I think is much better. That's just how I feel.

sunfrog (12.16.09, 5:40 PM): Hey by you having been there and done that ,not only helps you but us too. So don't only think of it as a $8000 lesson learned but a $8000 lesson taught to us your students. Live and learn brother ,live and learn.

Shannon Morgan (12.16.09, 12:24 PM): Michael, like everyone has already said, thank you so much for sharing this with us! There is a lesson here for all of us, but the biggest thing I learned and continue to learn from you is if you want to be a success you have to TRY, sometimes things will fail, but if you sit around doing nothing you are SURE to fail. Yes, live and learn, but you have to live to learn, right?

Johnathan (12.16.09, 11:50 AM): Wow Michael, sorry to hear glad I could be one of the paying customers for you. This is just wrong.

Derrick (12.16.09, 11:34 AM): You have recovered and moved on! I visit here so much because you are sincere in what you do and inspire with the advice you give to us. Meeting you in person in July made me see how much you really do care. I have learned so much from you and will continue support you and the purchase of your DVD's (including the 7D) even though I don't own a 7D yet. Keep doing what you are doing and if you have a second of doubt, think of us who look up to you. BTW, as for the TV AD experience, if it doesn't kill you then it will make you stronger. Like you said we live and learn.......

Ray (12.16.09, 10:44 AM): Michael, I too have fallen for a business deal that looking back is still tough to deal with. My cost 2500.00 a painful lesson. Thanks for sharing.

Rob (12.16.09, 10:30 AM): Im guessing that the contract has already expired. Do you own the rights and the commercial? Why not put it up on YouTube with the other videos you have? Might as well put it to good use. Upload it and put a link on twitter. :)

Brian Owen (12.16.09, 9:22 AM): Great Post, and thanks for sharing your experiences good and bad with us. Your humility has helped us all. You keep producing DVDs and I'll keep buying them. As I work to start my own business, I appreciate your lessons learned. Hopefully they will help myself and others avoid the same. Keep up the great work.