chaos2k (12.16.09, 7:09 PM): I think its so awesome that you are willing to share experience beyond photography lessons. you are a true mentor :)

Boz (12.15.09, 8:57 PM): Sounds Like yet another incredible training video you are putting together Michael!

michael andrew (12.15.09, 3:34 PM): Marketing info will be on "Business Photographers Crash Course" which will be bundled in with the "Wedding Photographers Crash Course" DVD set, that way if someone is not a wedding photographer, they would still be able to get it without investing in the entire course.

Rob (12.15.09, 11:41 AM): Great post! Its a good eye opener. Is the marketing DVD going to be sold separate or only come with the weeding crash course? ...Lets see that commercial!

Shannon Morgan Photography (12.15.09, 11:04 AM): Me too Me too :)!! Excellent post Michael, i have so much to learn in regards to marketing, and your experiences, thoughts and insights are always SO helpful :)!!! Thanks for sharing the good, and the bad!!! now lets see that commercial :)!

Abraham Yang (12.15.09, 8:34 AM): I would LOVE to see that TV ad! =)