Sandy (12.12.09, 3:16 PM): It goes both ways. I'd rather know people loved me, than just think I'm capable of being loved. What good is it for someone to love someone else, and not have them know?

cindy (12.12.09, 2:10 PM): OMG!! I get it!! When I first read it this morning, it totally didn't click, but Is this your quote? As with many of your insights, it's like you put just enough out there to make someone want to doubt it. This has so many applications it is crazy! Ill say no more, don't want to spoil it by giving it away....

Shannon Morgan Photography (12.12.09, 1:15 PM): Agreed, well said Melody!

Melody (12.12.09, 8:14 AM): I agree in one fashion... if you think you the greatest in the world but can't prove it, then you probably aren't the greatest in the world. On the other hand (and a bit of a sadder one)... if you think you are worth being loved/valued etc., then you should not have to prove that to anyone. I guess it depends on what you are applying the phrase too.