Melody (12.11.09, 2:13 PM): Awesome comparison. Question: If you did a test shot with the flash and noted the Kelvin WB setting and then set the WB to that setting and did not use the flash, would the picture look the same? And/or would setting the WB to flash without a flash have the same effect? I use a Rebel XSi and don't have a speedlite yet.

Kelly Easter (12.11.09, 3:50 AM): Out of curiosity, how strong was your flash setting for this photo? Did you use Manual Flash? I noticed this shooting an engagement session in front of some vibrant graffiti. btw I love your before and after photos.

michael andrew (12.11.09, 2:10 AM): Very good- that would work, Kelvin WB would work too. Great answer!

Adrian (12.10.09, 10:27 PM): custom wb with and without flash.

michael andrew (12.10.09, 10:03 PM): That's exactly right Adrian, Very good-- If you are shooting on Auto White Balance (AWB) putting a flash on your camera and turning it on will automatically change the white balance being used by the camera. How can you prove that the light from the flash is not effecting color hue?

Adrian (12.10.09, 9:23 PM): does it change the white balance?

michael andrew (12.10.09, 7:49 PM): Anthony- That is a supremely excellent good guess, it is related to the flash- why would the colors change like this?

Anthony (12.10.09, 4:11 PM): Does it have to do with the way the flash meters?