Kelly Easter (12.11.09, 3:43 AM): Thank you.

michael andrew (12.10.09, 12:24 AM): Right, the actual animation doesn't occur in Illustrator, I just make the vector parts in Illustrator. ;)

Rob (12.09.09, 11:27 PM): I respect all the hard work you put into the videos M and it shows. Is there a reason you are using illustrator for that? You can create vector objects in Flash and animate it. I think that might be a bit easier. Wouldnt you agree?

chaos2k (12.09.09, 5:42 PM): having done some video editing I can appreciate how much time goes into it. keep up the great work!

sunfrog (12.09.09, 4:50 PM): Anything worth haveing doesn't come easy hang in there man it will be worth it all once it's all said and done Woooo Giddy Up LOL

Alex (12.09.09, 3:49 PM): Michael, I always wonder what your "To Do" list must look like. It must make lesser men shudder.

Kelly Kardos (12.09.09, 3:24 PM): Way over my head! but i'm glad you are moving right along!