Melody (12.08.09, 9:22 AM): I was wondering about that ring. But then I thought maybe it was some reflective paint and just glowed on it's own. Maybe next time.

chaos2k (12.08.09, 8:24 AM): Great shot M!

michael andrew (12.08.09, 1:58 AM): Thanks! I'm the light ring in the middle left. Im pointing a big maglite on the oval center and walking around it.

Rob (12.07.09, 11:01 PM): This is one of my favorites M! The colors and shapes are awesome

Shannon Morgan (12.07.09, 7:30 PM): the colors in this are amazing!! LOVE the sky!!

Boz (12.07.09, 11:53 AM): Liking the red sky effect!

Melody (12.07.09, 8:19 AM): Looks like footsteps in the grass just to the right of the sidewalk, curve uphill to the right and walk away. Light coloured shirt. That's my guess. Am I close?